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With a vision to make everyone ‘Geek’, GEEKYSOUMYA.COM is a recently founded online organization that is created to make everyone knowledgeable through our easy to understand yet information-packed articles which are based on technology, telecommunications, computers, smartphones and much more. It is our vision and determination that makes us to start this site for giving you the right knowledge and for solving every problem for you or you may say your technical devices whether it is computer or smartphone and we believe that you will love them. As a viewer, you will never be dissatisfied with our works. As we are technology geeks, we really love to share our knowledge with all of you and that’s our motto.

If you are facing any trouble regarding your tech gadgets, we are always here for the solutions in an easy way. Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular problem or ask in the comment section and let us handle every problem of your tech devices!

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Soumyajit Das


Suryasis Nandy