Do Premium HDMI cables worth it?

HDMI cables, we are all familiar with this term. Most of the audio-video devices nowadays like TVs, AV receivers, Home theatres are connected with HDMI cables. Let’s suppose, you need one of this cable and check the pricing, either it’s online or offline. You notice that there are different kinds of HDMI cables are available. Some of them are very cheap and can be purchased between 4 to 7 dollar and some are very expensive like 1000 dollar or more. Here, of course, a normal consumer confuses, “Can expensive HDMI cables provide better picture quality? Or both of them are almost same from the performance aspect, except build quality”. This is the topic we are going through this article.

How Does HDMI Work?

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a compact audio/video standard for transmitting uncompressed digital data AKA ‘0’ and ‘1’. So, all the signals send and receive a different combination of ‘0’ and ‘1’. When a device connects with another device through HDMI, they pass a stage called ‘HDMI Handshake’. In this stage, they start to know each other and the kind of communication they will do. For instance: you connect your gaming console with your TV and both the devices first know each other by simply sending and receiving an encrypted key which is stored on ‘Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) chip’. This process is repeated constantly while the digital signal is being sent over the HDMI connection. If for some reason, the HDMI handshake is not successful, the signals are blocked and the video or audio stops until the HDMI handshake is successful.

Should You Buy Expensive HDMI Cables?

As I have described, all the signals an HDMI cable carries are a digital signal. They only need proper continuity in wires, it doesn’t matter what kind of wire it is, made of high-quality copper or very bad quality aluminum. If the contacts are not broken, the signal will be passed from one device to another and in that way, handshaking can be completed and both devices work together perfectly. In terms of picture quality as well as audio quality, there is no difference between a super cheapy HDMI cable and an expensive one. If you buy a very expensive HDMI cable and a very cheap one and use them one by one to connect your TV with a gaming console, AV Receiver or a Set-top box then you will get the same picture and audio quality.

If you are interested then I want to tell you that, those interfaces which work on an analog signal like VGA, Composite, S-Video, Component, etc. In that case, cable quality matters. High-quality cable means better picture quality or if the interface is audio-centric then better sound quality of course.

What does a Premium HDMI Cable offer?

In case, you don’t know HDMI has some other features; ethernet and audio return channels. These features are obviously included in the premium cables but these features are also sometimes included in budget-friendly cables. Premium cables also offer best build quality, gold plating connector, good wire insulation inside and outside the cable, nice wire quality, premium connector pins so that the pins will not be broken easily and will be long-lasting and finally a nice packing box where the cable is situated when you receive it.

All of that means you are paying for that which is literally unnecessary. Of course, HDMI ethernet facility is nice but few devices exist which support it and also ethernet over HDMI is supported in lots of cheap cables so you don’t necessarily need to buy those expensive ones.

A Very Expensive HDMI Cable

Lastly, I want to mention that some times HDMI cables are based on optical signal, some of them has a long wire length (Without repeater HDMI cables cannot work with maximum 15ft of cable length. If done without repeater, the signal degrades drastically and finally the communication between two devices will fail) with repeater included which are obviously more expensive. That’s worth it but a normal HDMI cable with some premium look is sold at very high price should be ignored.

131 Ft HDMI Cable

So, what kind of cable you should choose?

You can purchase any HDMI cable at any cost you want. All of them works perfectly with your TV, Gaming console, Home theatre, AV Receiver whatever you use but one small thing you should notice i.e. the version of that cable. There are different versions of HDMI cables exist HDMI 1.0, HDMI 1.1, HDMI 2.0, etc. Don’t take any headache and go with HDMI 2.0 cables which is suitable for all the technologies that a modern gaming console, TV, Home theatre offers.

Hope you guys understand about “Premium HDMI cables are worth it or not” and most importantly, what kind of HDMI cable you should buy? If so, then don’t forget to comment down below to appreciate my work. Thanks for visiting.

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