Use Your Monitor As A Smart TV! Easy Steps To Do!

A few days ago, I have purchased an LG gaming monitor (Model no: 27GL650F). As its model no suggests, this 27-inch monitor comes with a full HD IPS display. And, a matter of fact, due to the IPS display, this monitor obviously provides a very accurate color combination. Anyway, after using this monitor for sometimes, … Read more

LED Bulbs Vs CFL Bulbs: Choose The Better One!

The incandescent light bulb which was invented by Thomas Alva Edison is one of the greatest and most remembered scientific inventions in history. Today, the usage of incandescent light bulbs has overshadowed as the other two major types of light bulbs are discovered which are far better than the old incandescent bulbs in terms of … Read more

Install Netflix, Prime Video & JIO TV On Raspberry Pi 4

Previously one of my articles I showed ‘ How to Build an Android TV Box With a Raspberry Pi 4 ’. It seems that Android is working perfectly fine but actually there are several things to do to put this project to an end. First, we have to install the popular streaming services in our … Read more

Arduino Remote Control Switch: On/Off Room Light With TV Remote

As you might know control, electronic appliances via remote control are a pretty good idea. Using a simple TV remote I can easily turn on or off My room light, fan, bulb or whatever I want, Here I want to control 4 different appliances with my television remote. It’s looking quite complicated, but don’t worry, I … Read more

[Best] Android TV Launcher Apps that You Can Use

Your Android TV has definitely a home screen that contains the necessary apps, videos, and menus. Which is known as a launcher or you can say Android TV launcher. Replacing the launcher means you can change the background images, the layouts, the look of the app icons and most importantly you can even replace the … Read more