Differences Between HD Ready & Full HD: Choose Wisely!

You may have noticed these terminologies like HD Ready, Full HD, UHD, UHD 4K, etc. when you go to purchase a new television online or offline too. These terminologies refer to the different resolutions of the televisions. In this short article, we are going to discuss the differences between HD Ready & Full HD; and what should you choose? You must know the exact meaning of both of these terms before going to purchase a new TV.

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A Full HD Android TV

HD Ready & Full HD: Know These Terms Properly!

Differences Between HD Ready & Full HD
Resolution 720P & 1080P

Just like in smartphones, we have got 720p display, 1080p display, 2K display and here, in case of televisions, we denote those displays’ resolution size with terms like HD Ready, Full HD, UHD, UHD 4K, etc. The term “HD Ready” basically means if the display comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio, it provides 720p resolution which refers to (1280×720) 921k pixels in a single display. On the other hand, we have the term “Full HD” which generally means if the display comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio, it provides 1080p resolution which refers to (1920×1080) around 2 million pixels in a single display. So, long story short, HD Ready is equal to 720p & Full HD is equal to 1080p. That’s all.

What is Aspect Ratio?
Aspect Ratio

What Are the Differences Between HD Ready & Full HD?

Now, you may be asking yourself what type of display should you choose and what will benefit you most as a consumer? Okay, here’s the most interesting part. Let’s take two scenarios. Suppose, you have purchased a 20-inch HD Ready TV that means it possesses 720p resolution display. At the time of watching TV, you have to maintain a minimum distance of 20 feet from the TV. Why? Because if you sit close to your TV and then start watching it, you will not be able to enjoy it as it will lack its sharpness & the pixels of the display will be noticeable.

You should maintain a lot of distance from a HD Ready TV
Watching TV

In the second scenario, you have purchased a 20-inch Full HD TV that means it possesses a 1080p resolution display. While watching TV, you can sit close to your TV like 10 feet or 12 feet as it has more pixels in its display so watching it close will still be very satisfying & enjoyable and also, you will not notice any pixels during watching the TV. The matter of fact is; if your TV has more resolution which obviously leads to more pixel density in its display, you can watch it more closely without any loss of sharpness or lack of picture quality like showing pixels, etc. More resolution in TV means a better viewing experience in close distance.

A kid is watching TV
A Child Watch TV from too close

Using A Different Example for clarifying the Differences Between HD Ready & Full HD!

Let’s take a different example from a different angle to understand the resolution factor of the display more easily. Suppose, you have purchased a 55-inch HD Ready TV and while watching it, you have to maintain distance at least 55 feet. On the other hand, if you purchase a 55-inch Full HD TV, you have to maintain distance more or less 30 feet while watching the TV to get best viewing experience. but if you purchase a 55-inch UHD 4K TV then you can watch this TV from only 8-10 feet distance & you can get the best viewing experience too. Now, I think, you have understood the advantage of higher resolution display. The higher the resolution is, the more the pixels will be and the more the pixels are in a display, the close you can watch the TV without any inconvenience.

HD Ready: Best for Low Budget?!

We are now aware of the advantage that a Full HD TV provides. Now, let’s know the advantage that an HD Ready TV provides. A Full HD TV can definitely provide a better viewing experience in the close distance but when it comes to cost, an HD Ready TV is cheaper than a Full HD one. For example, a 40-inch HD Ready costs from 13,000 to 23,000 Indian Rupees (120$ to 300$) whereas a 40-inch Full HD TV costs from 32,000 to 47,000 Indian Rupees (130$ to 500$) regardless of different brands. Yeah, it’s true that the price can be somewhat different because of different models, brands, etc. But in the end, for a Full HD TV, you have to invest some extra money.

A TV Shop

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HD Ready Vs Full HD: What Should You Choose?

The confusion still remains. What should you choose? We suggest you that if you have a pretty large room & your budget is low at the same time, you can easily go for a quality HD Ready TV. But, if you don’t have much space in your room & you have to sit close to your TV, you should go for a decent Full HD TV that comes with comparatively less cost. In this case, if your budget is high enough, you can definitely go for a good quality Full HD TV but if not, you should still go for some low costly Full HD TV. After all, better viewing experience is important especially when you come home after a day’s tiresome work and sit in front of your TV for some relaxation.

Watch the Video below about HD Ready & Full HD TV In Hindi

Therefore, we have provided you enough information about the differences between HD Ready & Full HD. Now, its all up to you what you choose to buy. You can also do as we suggest in the abovementioned lines of this portion. Anyway, we hope you have enjoyed & understood this article about the major differences between HD Ready & Full HD and it has really helped you. If so, don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for visiting & appreciating our work.

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