Do not Use Memory cards with Modern Smartphones

From a long time ago, we are using memory cards to expand the mobile phone’s storage capacity as much as possible to load more data, movies, videos, songs, etc. A couple of years ago, smartphones have very low internal space like 2 GB or 4 GB which was not enough to store anything big on our phones instead of a couple of songs or some documents. So that we have to use memory cards to store our data and other entertaining materials but nowadays a mobile phone AKA smartphone’s internal storage is increased drastically and also expanding day by day like 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and even 256 GB  it is also mentionable that some of the smartphones may come with 512 GB of internal memory, which is really huge but still we can’t forget our beloved memory cards. Sure those chips boost the maximum space for a device but do you know that these cards can be harmful to our precious smartphone? It will be better to utilize the phone memory in a strategic way rather than using memory cards.


In this short article, I just want to suggest you why we shouldn’t use memory cards and how it can affect our devices. Of course, memory cards definitely give us extra space when it comes to load some extra data in our phones. But those lots of bad effects cannot be negligible.

Speed-breaker Of A Smartphone

Why memory cards are the speed-breakers? You may ask Because an internal memory of modern smartphones are significantly faster than a memory card. For example, If you store the data of an application in your memory card then this particular application will be opened with less speed if the data file was stored on the internal memory. In fact, if the photos and videos are stored in memory card then Gallery app of that particular device will perform slower than if the photos and videos are stored in the phone’s internal memory. And the things go worse if you are using a very cheap memory card then it is obvious that your device must be slow down at a significant rate. Most of the users purchase their memory card by only reading their storage capacity, they do not even notice at the speeds and other standards which are written on the packaging. (Click here if you want to know more about “How to buy a memory card?”).

Memory Card

Nowadays, UFS 2.0 Internal Storage is used in almost every latest smartphone. This type of storage is very fast in comparison with high-end memory cards.

UFS Storage

A UHS 3 memory card’s data read maximum speed is 90 MB/s and write speed is 30 MB/s whereas UFS 2.0 Storage provides a maximum read speed of 350 MB/s and a maximum write speed of  150 MB/s. Now you can notice how much the speed difference is and how it matters. (Click here to find out the speeds of different memory cards).

Class 10 Memory Card

It is also mentionable that sometime You may notice the downloading speed of your phone is reduced though you are using the same network connection which your friend uses but he gets very fast downloading speed whereas you don’t. The reason behind this may be the memory card. If you are downloading some data that will be stored in memory card then the downloading speed may be slow down depending upon your memory card.

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For all these reasons, Apple and also some other smartphone brands like don’t like to provide any slots for memory cards. A phone’s all over performance depends not only on the processor or RAM but also on the type storage is used.

Data stealing is a great problem!

If someday your smartphone is stolen, the data of the internal storage will be removed because almost every user locks the phone with pattern lock or face lock which can only be removed by resetting the phone and that will definitely wipe the internal storage data but not the data which is stored in the memory card. So if you store personal data in the memory card, the person who will steal your phone can easily know your personal data which is really a tremendous fault of memory card.

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If you want to secure your important data, prefer to use Cloud Storage like OneDrive, Google cloud etc. In which data will never be corrupted or stolen if you’re using trustworthy services. Because internal storage of smartphones is not always safe especially when the particular smartphone becomes old, the data in the phone storage may be corrupted or damaged if the internal memory of the phone is damaged by any chance.

Reliability Issues

Memory cards are not as reliable as internal memory. Phone storage is very reliable because it is designed to read and write data constantly with the same amount of speed without any problem and slowness. The storage has to read or write data in a continuous process when an operating system is active whereas a memory card is definitely not designed to read or write data constantly so that a memory card is damaged very easily after some days though some costly memory cards are more reliable than the cheaper one.

Fake Samsung Memory Card

More or less every smartphone heats up. For this overheating of device, a memory card within it can’t tolerate the temperature and may damage easily. If a memory card is costly then it is a different matter but cheap memory cards just can’t handle the temperature physically.  

So, after noticing all of these reasons, do you think of using memory cards even now? I hope you don’t. If your smartphone has enough internal storage, don’t use memory cards. And if you have to use memory cards because of storing more data or something else then you should buy Samsung or SanDisk memory cards which are of high quality, very reliable and fast as well. You may know about Class 10 memory cards. These memory cards can provide a maximum write speed of 25-30 MBPS depending on various smartphones. So use memory cards which are of branded class 10 and of high quality though avoiding memory cards will be better for your phone.

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