How to Choose Components For Building a Computer?

If you are planning to build a new PC by yourself, then a common question should come in your brain, where to start with? Which components should I choose? There are lots of PC parts out there that can easily confuse you. For example, you want to build a PC with an Intel Core i3 CPU. If you just search online by just simply writing Intel Core i3 that you get a variety of i3 processor like i3-6100, i3-8100, etc. Not only the CPU choosing as well as the motherboard choosing are the complicated task to do but also choosing a new RAM, Graphics Card and PSU are not a very simple and easy factor. One should need lots of knowledge about computers to pick these parts properly but if you are a beginner and just want to enter the field of computers then it is obvious that you don’t have the knowledge which is required. And obviously, the lack of knowledge is always dangerous in any field.

AMD Threadripper CPU

Are you getting serious right now or are you afraid a bit? I’m very sorry for that and I have no intention like that but it’s the harsh truth. Don’t be discourage because it is 2019 and anything can happen. There are lot more premade online tools who will help you on your first PC building project. One of them and my favorite one is “PC Part Picker”.

Why Does PC Components Compatibility Matter?

In case you don’t know, Not every motherboard works with every CPU, Not every RAM fits in every motherboard’s DIMM slots. Not every CPU cooler sets on every motherboard and this list are going so on and on. So, you need to make sure that which components you are choosing are compatible with each other. As I told you before, it needs an hour of research and lots of knowledge to build your dream computer but now PC building is not a very hard task to do thanks to websites like PC Part Picker and something like that.

Make sure the CPU is compatible with the motherboard

Some Important Points You Should Note Before Visiting Those Websites

Before doing anything first you have to select a CPU according to your workload. If you are just a casual PC user then a normal and underpowered CPU is more than enough but if you want to be a heavy user like a gamer or video editor or programmer then you should go with a high-power CPUs like i7-7700, i7-8700K, i7-8700 from Intel side. If you want to go with the side of AMD the Ryzen 7 2700X is a good option for you. If you want to pay more, only on a CPU then Intel Core i9 9900K is waiting for you.

Another important thing to note that nowadays not every CPU has an integrated GPU. If you are not planning to buy a graphics card, then you must do a few kinds of research on CPUs. Most of the Intel CPUs have the option of integrated graphics but on AMD it’s not. As an example, Ryzen 5 2500X has no integrated graphics. On the other hand, Ryzen 5 2400G has integrated graphics. So, if you are not planning to use a graphics card then it will be better to do researches on this topic. You may go through Wikipedia to know more information about AMD’s CPUs and APU’s. Basically, An APU is a processor that includes both the CPU and GPU on a single chip nothing more than that.

Ryzen APU

If you have chosen a suitable CPU for you then go to the website PC Part Picker. Now you don’t need to worry about wrong parts selection. When you select your desired CPU on the website and after that when it comes to choose a motherboard, the website will list only those motherboards which are compatible with that CPU. Not only the motherboard but also each and every component you choose on this website are all compatible with each other.

How to Use PC Part Picker?

Open the PC Part Picker website from your smartphone, Tablet, Laptop whatever device you have then select the system builder tab from the menu at the top. Here you can see a list of components which are required to build a PC like CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Graphics Card, SMPS, Storage, Case etc. To add a component just hit the blue button according to the corresponding component names. As I said earlier, we must choose a CPU. Click on the blue button which says Choose a CPU.

Then a long list of CPUs which are available appear on your screen, select your desired CPU by clicking on the ‘Add’ button. And a good thing of this website which you have noticed already that the price of that component is also mentioned beside them, so it is very easy for them who build their system according to their budget.

Now select your Motherboard, RAM, Storage, Graphics Card and other components according to your requirement, but when it comes to choosing a PSU or power supply unit then this website is not good enough. Of course, it can give you a long list of power supplies, but they are rated in different wattages so if you are building a very power-hungry system, then obviously you need a very powerful PSU. I mean the higher wattage PSU like 650W or more. As an example, you are building a PC with the AMD Ryzen 2700X CPU, RTX 2080Ti Graphics Card, 16GB of RAM, a 500GB SSD and a 4TB HDD then a 450W power supply is certainly not enough.

Lack of power availability can easily bottleneck your system. You cannot realize the actual power of your system because of this small PSU. And of course, like this way you can easily overload your PSU and because of this overloading, the life span of this component will be drastically decreased. In future, maybe some kind of stability issues like BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) or something similar can disturb your workflow so choosing a correct PSU and a good quality PSU is very important.

 To choose a correct power supply unit I recommend you to use ‘Outer vision Power supply Calculator’ or ‘Cooler master Power supply Calculator’. They are both awesome tools for calculating proper power supply wattage.

How to Use a PSU Calculator?

Very simple, open the website (‘Outer vision Power supply Calculator’ or ‘Cooler master Power supply Calculator’) and select the components there which you are using on your build. Just as an example, you are using AMD Ryzen 2700X CPU, RTX 2080Ti Graphics Card, 2*8GB DDR4 RAM Module, 1*500GB SSD, 1*4TB HDD, 4*120mm fans and ‘ Cooler Master – MasterLiquid ML240L ’ as a CPU cooler. Now, after putting this information on this website, it can tell you How many watts are required to drive your PC properly. In this build, I assume that you are not using any Optical drives, RGB Controllers, Liquid cooling pump, etc.

Please do not forget to select the computer utilization time and what kind of work you will mostly do on your PC. After that just press the button ‘Calculate’. As you can see this website is showing these values

So, you need to buy a 574W PSU, right? In a first glance, it is ok, but I always recommend you to leave some extra headroom for your future upgradation like new CPU or new Graphics Card or some kind of PCI Express card, etc. When the website tells you to use 574W PSU I personally recommend you to choose a power supply which has a minimum extra 200 or 300W headroom like 700W or 1000W for extreme future proofing. Also, efficiency is a very important factor here.

Power Supply Efficiency and other Ratings

Most modern good quality expensive power supplies provide some efficiency ratings like 80 Plus, 80 Plus Bronze, 80 Plus Silver, 80 Plus Gold, 80 Plus Platinum, 80 Plus Titanium. The More costly metal names signify the higher efficiency rating. You can get more information about this subject on Wikipedia. All of these efficiency ratings are worked on the 50% Load. More than 50%, the efficiency of the power supply will always be decreased. So, if you want more efficiency then go with high power PSU and that will cause a lower electricity bill. Like if your system needs a 586W PSU, you should go with 1000W PSU. It cost you more than a 650W PSU, but in longer usage (A Power Supply’s minimum life span is around 11 years) it saves money a lot from the side of the electricity bill.

So, by thinking of the electricity bill and for the future upgradation, my opinion is to buy higher wattage power supplies. You should avoid buying the cheap low-quality power supply from your local market. They may work, but they have ridiculously low efficiency and some printing mistakes also (Maybe the power supply is suited for a machine which maximum current consumption is 450W, but on the label it says 650W) and trust me these low-cost PSUs bring lots of problems on your PC in the near future.

  After selecting the PSU wattage, find it in ‘PC Part Picker’ from a reputed brand like Corsair, Cooler Master, Antec, NZXT and others. After pressing the ‘Add’ button you have the list of components which are mainly required to build your PC. You don’t need to care more about the option ‘Software’, ‘Monitor’, ‘Operating System’ and other stuff. You can choose any OS, any monitor, any keyboard and mouse for your PC that do not have any limitation. Any keyboard-mouse and monitor work with any Computers.

I hope you have an idea “How to Build and How to Choose Parts for your dream machine” if you like this article, then don’t forget to appreciate my work by comment down below and also you can watch my video in Hindi about this topic if you want to understand it better. Thank you so much.

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