Should you format HDD?

We are all well-aware about the term ‘format’. Now and then every user formats their drives for multiple reasons but most of the users fear when it comes to formatting the old data stored especially in Hard Drives because there is a myth that is followed by many users which are, formatting multiple times can damage the storage devices. Not only HDD but also other storage devices like Memory Card, SSD, Pen drive or any kind of storage devices have to face this untouchable myth. But is this really true? To know the correct information, first of all, we have to know what really formatting means and why is it used? Then we will go to reveal what the real fact is.

What is Formatting?

Basically, formatting is just clearing the listing of old data not the actual data which is stored. Because the listing is deleted so the OS cannot find the old data. When you want to store something new, that data is overwritten over the existing data. And that will damage the whole old data.

Why Do We Format?

To answer this question, there are many possible reasons why people use formatting. One of the most important reason is to speed up the PC when the Operating System of it runs pretty slow. On the other hand, many people format the disk if it can’t work properly and some data become corrupted or that particular drive is running slowly. Also, when you upgrade your computer operating system, the internal drive will be auto formatted. To be honest, as well as practical, formatting helps users in many ways.

Can Formatting Damage the Storage Devices?

Now the answer is pretty no. As I mentioned earlier in this article that formatting means rewriting the new data on the storage device. So, that means multiple times formatting should not harm them. But for SSD, there is a limited number of cycles of re-writing data. When any user format it often, it can easily reduce the lifespan of. For example, if you are not frequently formatting the SSD it may run over 5 years and if you do then it run for 4.5 or 4.7 years. It may be a very minor difference but the difference is ‘difference’. On the other side, you can format hard disks multiple times as you want still it will have no effects on its lifespan. Still, I will recommend all the users to format storage devices as less as you can. Though it does not affect storage devices life span when formatted frequently, it will be better to stay safe and secure. So, my suggestion for you is that format drives only when most necessary. When you can’t fix any bug and the solution is only formatting, then you can go for it otherwise don’t do it unnecessarily because formatting will be a waste of time as it is a time consuming as well as a long process.

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So, you can format hard disks as much as you want but you should format SSD drives as less as you require and in a limited number of time.

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