NVME SSD vs SATA SSD Vs PCIE SSD: Which SSD Type You Should Choose?

If you’re expecting performance from your PC then SSD is a must-buy component. Doesn’t matter how fast your CPU is, how much RAM you have installed on your PC and what graphics card you are using – if you are still relying on a slow mechanical hard drive to install the OS then the performance … Read more

Improve Windows 11 Battery life with this Secret Trick!

Most Windows 11 laptops have a common issue – their battery doesn’t last long. No, it’s not an issue with the laptop itself. It’s the OS. Windows 11 isn’t a lightweight OS. That’s why, its minimum System Requirements are pretty high and your laptop should meet those requirements to upgrade to Windows 11. Even if … Read more

External GPU For laptops: Keep These Things In Mind!

EGPU – I love the concept. Just plug a graphics card with an old laptop and make it a game beast but it’s not so simple. There are so many things you should consider if you’re expecting desktop-quality graphics on a laptop. Deep research is so important. A stupid mistake could cost your full EGPU … Read more

10 Best Strategy Games for Android!

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How to Monitor CPU Temperature in Windows 11 Top 5 Methods!

Monitoring a CPU temperature is very crucial when it comes to overclocking, stress testing a CPU cooler, or just want to stress test your computer to troubleshoot stability issues. In each and every case, gauging the CPU thermals is very important. If the temperature exceeds the critical values then you need to think about it. … Read more

How to Create Windows 11 Windows 10 Bootable USB?

Owning a Windows 11 or Windows 10 Bootable USB Device on hand gives an opportunity to perform a clean installation of the OS. That’s also extremely handy to upgrade or troubleshoot the operating system. Microsoft understands these advantages so they have released the media creation tool to create a bootable USB Flash Drive. You can … Read more

What is TDP or Thermal Design Power? Explained!

Thermal Design Power aka TDP, when you’re choosing a processor, you could find this term on its specification. Not only on Processors, but TDP is also mentioned everywhere from CPU, GPU, RAM Chips, and NAND Flash of the SSDs to all those ICs who are generating a lot of heat during their operation. So, what … Read more

(DIY) How to Fix Front USB Ports Of Your PC?

As a desktop user, you may have seen a problem when connecting a device to the front USB Port of the cabinet of the PC – “USB Device isn’t Recognised”. Yes, it’s a common issue. The culprit of this problem is generally the USB Port or the USB Cable you’re using. It gets worse when … Read more

Windows 11 No Sound Problem: Here are the best Possible Solutions!

In every version of Windows operating system, there’s a common problem users may sometimes face. Yes, you guessed it – No sound. In Windows 11, this problem still persists. Often times, there’s no sound in one particular app or sometimes there’s no sound in the whole Windows operating system. It’s quite annoying and detecting the … Read more

How to Factory Reset a Windows 11 PC?!

Currently, Windows 11 is pretty much stable. There is though quite a bit of bug here and there but if you’re just upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 then probably you will face a lot of different problems. Like Bluetooth is not working, audio issues, Ethernet or Wi-Fi is not working, and so on. You can’t … Read more

Mini PC: These Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Mini PC!

As people’s living space is becoming smaller, users nowadays are becoming more aggressive to buy either laptops or mini PCs, aka mini computers. They both are small, compact, and almost offer desktop-level performance. The reason I said ‘almost’ is because they really can’t compete with desktop computers. Desktop computers are designed to keep performance in … Read more