Power Supply & Chargers Can Hack Your PC & Laptop

Have you heard of Air-Gapped computers? If not, then let me tell you that those computers that aren’t connected to the internet, Wi-Fi, and even Bluetooth are called air-gapped computers. Mostly in industrial environments, these kinds of computer systems are used to protect the machinery or production system from unwanted access, and also often it’s … Read more

How to Add Extra USB, HDMI, and Ethernet ports On laptop?

It is no need to say that IO ports on laptop computers are pretty limited. In full-sized laptops, there are generally 3 USB type A ports, 1 Ethernet, and 1 HDMI port but in compact notebooks or laptops, these port counts are getting more and more limited. Mostly, there are no type A ports only … Read more

Laptop Battery Not Charging: How to Fix?

Maybe right now your laptop’s battery isn’t charging that’s why you are in this article. It’s quite common when laptops completely refuse to take charge. Sometimes, it’s a serious hardware issue but not necessarily always. Often, quite a few settings and troubleshooting techniques fix laptop charging issues. I am not saying that these tips will … Read more

How to Automatically Free Up Space in Windows 11?

When it comes to fast and responsive PC experience experts always recommend keeping as much space as possible in the C drive. Keeping freeing up space is becoming more crucial if your computer doesn’t have a high-capacity drive plugged in. With the running out of capacity of the storage causes random slowdowns and other issues. … Read more

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: What’s Black Panther 2 Plot all about?

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Laptop hinge is broken: What to Do at the First Sight?

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How to Install Chrome OS Flex on Your Windows PC & Laptop

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Gorr The God Butcher – Christian Bale’s Thor 4 Villain: Origin & Powers!

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Thor: Love And Thunder Release Date, Cast, Teaser Explained, Plot & More Surprises!

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Best Music Streaming Services for A Melodious You!

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How to Connect Phone to TV? Easiest Methods to Follow!

Let’s say, you have a video on your phone and want to watch it on your big 55″ television screen. Normally what you have to do is to first transfer the video file to the computer then copy it to a Pen drive and connect the Pen drive to watch it on TV. Although, nowadays, … Read more