[Six] Things To Do During Quarantine Period

Every one of us well aware of this awful disaster in the world made by COVID-19. Countries like China, Italy, Iran etc. are main victims of this epidemic. It just spreads among the citizens 160 countries with its lightning fast speed. The Governments of most of the countries have declared one or two weeks lockdown … Read more

Top 10 Best Countries in The World – 2020

If you knew the previous year’s rankings of the best countries in the world then you are definitely very curious to know about this year’s rankings which is in one hand pretty interesting and in other hands very practical. Several changes are made to the rankings. Some countries have gone downstairs, some have gone upstairs … Read more

Tempered Glass Or Plastic Screen Guards: What Should You Prefer?

Do you not ever confuse yourself by thinking of what to purchase to protect the display of your brand new smartphone? Should you buy a tempered glass screen guard or should you consider a plastic screen protector? What will be the best choice and what will be a long-lasting protector of your phone? Therefore, I … Read more

Why Windows Phones Failed! We Know the Real Reason

Remember Lumia 650 or Lumia 950? Now those devices are the part of extinction products. Every one of us remembers those Windows phones and there are some users including me who used them once. But those Windows phones did not survive in the global market of smartphones. Microsoft faced a huge loss of 7.6 Billion … Read more

[Best] Android TV Launcher Apps that You Can Use

Your Android TV has definitely a home screen that contains the necessary apps, videos, and menus. Which is known as a launcher or you can say Android TV launcher. Replacing the launcher means you can change the background images, the layouts, the look of the app icons and most importantly you can even replace the … Read more

What is an eSIM? Things You Should Know

We all are always gifted something new, something unique and something necessary by science and technologies which are upgrading day by day and inventing the latest products. One of the latest technologies that we are discussing in this article i.e. eSIM. If you have looked into the new Apple iPhone 11 or Pixel 4 properly, … Read more